Irina Angles is a Creative director, Teacher and Choreographer currently based in Paris. Born in the small mining town of Donetsk, she defines herself as a self-taught artist. She navigates between contemporary and urban dance scenes. Created her own dance  teaching method "Flying Angles"
Her dance experience is more than 15 years and her directing experience is 6.

As a choreographer and performer, she is interested in the forms surrounding her and those she can create with her own body. She explores the relationship between modern architecture, interior design, exterior forms, and geometric movement. During her dance path, she won prizes at various battles and competitions; was a participant and judge of different festivals worldwide; performed in different scenes and exhibitions (“BAUHAUS-100”, MoCA); taught others through a "Flying Angles" course; was invited as a speaker on TEDx (Shanghai); her artwork is included in the first book dedicated to NFT art "NEW Society" (Paris); The article published about Voguing Dance vision in Tatler Hong Kong; collaborated with various brands such as Harper’s Bazaar, Pandora jewelry etc...

She is fascinated by the relationship between video and dance and looking for ways to create a dialogue between cutting-edge technologies (AR, VR, AI), digital arts, and the human through movement. This dialogue enriches her dance practice.
Through the intense creativity she tries to emerge from collaborations, she pushes the limits of the definition of dance and the form it can take, visually and conceptually.
In 2023 her collaborative AI Dance series with Dr.Formalyst  "Almost Human" won FRONTIER AWARD at AI SHORT FEST for the most innovative and audacious integration of AI into a short film in the frames of the "Annual International Conference on Computer Vision" in Paris.

Her artworks are presented and exhibited worldwide: VR project “THETA” at the “NOOR light festival KSA, 2022; Short dance film “In the middle of Nowhere” at Pompidou Art Center as a part of The “Horse Pistes” festival 2022; short dance film with projection mapping “ID” at the “Future Summit” 2020, Shanghai; "Idle Hands" at "Eternal LOOP" exhibition at Photo Vogue Day in Milan, and many other events and exhibitions in Los Angeles, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, NY, Brussels, Lisbon, Seoul....

Main Research:

​​​​​​​As a Phygital, Irina keens on collaborations. She is searching for ways of communication between future technologies (AI, Kinect, AR, VR, etc.), digital art, and humans through movement.
In this age of technology, it is already hard to imagine a day without the use of artificial intelligence or some technology. It has become natural for us. Right now, there is a global transformation of society, and we look for our place in every moment. We have a fear that technologies will consume us and our attention.
By itself, any technology is neutral, and only a person can give it the meaning and the pole it will serve. It`s only a mirror for those who are using it.

Digital Showreel

Curriculum Vitae

Dancing+New media art creations and experience

2019 - Participant in the experimental multi-media laboratory "The Body of the City" (in frames of "Zelyonka Space Up" festival together with “Ukrainian Platform of Contemporary dance” and "Carbon Art Space," Kyiv, Ukraine). The main subjects for exploration were Kinect technology, projection mapping, and generative art.
​​​​​​​2019-2020 - A freelance artist in "ARTech" company (Shanghai):
- WIP work "Re.Born" was presented at the Opening ceremony of "Global Startup Hub" with the support of "Hangzhou Future SCI-Tech" and "G5". (Explored Kinect Azure capture camera in real-time in collaboration with Nikk Mitchell ("FXG", Hangzhou);
- Short dance clips with Projection Mapping: "I.Feel.You.Feel" (presented at the conference «Hello Future Summit 2020", Shanghai); "ID" (shown on a Chinese media platform MANA as one of the best "ART+TECH" artworks). Irina believes it's an excellent instrument for immersing the audience in the right mood;
- MOTSE production. Irina created two dance performances during the "MOTSE" exhibition at Shanghai Powerlong Museum: AI programmed kinetic installation called "ENDLESS" and an audiovisual installation with Kinect "CLOCKS.”

2021 – A choreographer of a solo performance, "In-Between," for the German-Ukrainian project "AltStage" (Ukrainian Platform of Contemporary dance and German “Post Theater”). The main task for the project was to find points between three layers: video projection, AR, and a dancer. To these layers, Irina and the Ukrainian sound/visual producer added music generated with video projection. (For more information and to get the experience, please visit http://altstage.com.ua/inbetw_en )
2022 – Irina has been creating and exhibiting worldwide collaborative artworks, where she connected dancing and sound art with digital art of different forms: 3d animation, AI art, and visual video art. Due to the war in Ukraine, all artworks were created online. ("Projects" section)
2022, November - Movement director for "THETA" VR project for "NOOR Light Festival" in KSA
2023 - AI Dance Series "Almost Human" consists of two chapters and 24 videos, exhibited worldwide​​​​​​​
"Eternal LOOps" "Photo Vogue Day" Milan  - 2023
NFT Paris 2023
"NOOR Light festival" in KSA
The Lowline” at Public works administration, NYC
“Blood.Oil.Liberty” KunstHalle Faust, Hannover
“MoveMint – The experience” – NYC
“Electric Kingdom” – IdolWild Gallery, Los Angeles
NFT Liverpool, UK
“Metaverse summit” Paris
"All~Vollution" exhibition,Shanghai
"Hello Future Summit", Shanghai

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