"Flying Angles" method

Irina started teaching in 2012 and since that time her methods have changed a lot. Having a background in street dance styles, and modern dance, influenced by Tutting, Voguing, and Contemporary dance, she created her own method -  "Flying Angles".
"Flying Angles" is a dynamic and innovative teaching dance method specifically designed to explore the fascinating world of geometry through movement and expression. Here's how it works:
 "Flying Angles" begins by introducing students to the foundational concepts of geometry in an accessible and engaging manner. This includes basic geometric shapes: angles, lines, boxes, and spatial relationships.
The name "Flying Angles" combines two opposite concepts: linear shapes (angles, triangles, squares, lines) and curved/light/flow movements. 
A central aspect of the method is developing spatial awareness, partnering skills, and listening to the body. Students learn to navigate and manipulate space, exploring concepts such as symmetry, observing geometry around, and expressing through their movements. This helps reinforce their understanding of geometric relationships in a tangible and embodied way. Through different gaming tasks dancers get new ideas for connection and creation with partners.
In addition to learning choreographed sequences, students are encouraged to explore their own creative interpretations of geometric concepts. They might experiment with improvisation exercises that challenge them to create shapes, patterns, and angles spontaneously, fostering creativity and self-expression.
By combining the beauty of dance with the precision of geometry, "Flying Angles" offers a unique and enriching learning experience that engages students both intellectually and kinesthetically. Through movement, exploration, and creative expression, students develop a deeper appreciation for the elegance and complexity of geometric concepts.
The method works for students with any dance level and style of movement.
Irina loves to inspire and bring students together, so she creates different unusual formats for communication, growth, reflection and joy for students (games, battles with contests, video works, stage performing, dance trips to other cities/countries, creative home tasks, etc…) 
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