Roads Whispering

As a lost wanderer, I am looking for symbols that will tell me WHERE I should go, where I am true to myself and my roads...
Someone has drawn signs that led to my answers.
I am where I am, where my goals, dreams, and faith are. In whatever direction I go, everywhere I come to where I should be.
Where I am REAL.

Believe in your Signs.
In collaboration with Photographer Tanya Bohdanova

Series was a part of the "NFT Liverpool" exhibiton 2022
Back to the Future
I see in my dreams different universes, realities and times. I see the endless possibilities of the human being. I see crazy forms around, and I recreate these forms in dance.
My dreams came true in this collaborative collection with Ukrainian photographer Tanya Bohdanova.
The triangle construction was built in 1973 by Ukrainian female architect Alla Onishenko. People dreamed about space flights and a glittering future for everyone in those days. Nowadays, we call this epoch Earlier Ukrainian Modernism.
I tried to emphasize its modernity and how it resonates with all tendencies in our world through my geometric dance positions.​​​​​​​
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