- exhibited at "NFT Liverpool" 2022
"Electric Kingdom" in "Idol Wild" gallery, Los Angeles, 2022

The idea for the video has come immediately after seeing the building. I felt how its construction resonated with my movement vision. All my rehearsals were done with the building.
The construction was built in 1973 by Soviet female architect Alla Onishenko. People dreamed about space flights and a glittering future for everyone in those days. Nowadays, we call this epoch Earlier Soviet Modernism.
Then I learned that the building was threatened with destruction as many other Soviet modern facilities in our country. The City Council wanted to construct a new shopping mall in its place.
With my dance video, I want to manifest the end of the brutal destruction of our meaningful treasure and support a few public organizations fighting for unique architecture in Ukraine.
Choreography - Irina Angles
Sound design: FAAF
Video team: Tanya Bohdanova & Yana Remneva

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