- exhibited at "MoveMINT" in NYC
Dancing as an art form or a form of communication always has been a medium for human relations. New life realities enforce searching for new possibilities for collaborations.
That's how we started: we wanted to dance together but didn't know how because we live on different continents.
Both Match and Irina are dancers of the tutting dance style. It requires designing geometrical forms with body movements. We decided to make our imaginary geometric ideas visible in this work and combine them with digital art. We assume "METADANCE" as communication between us through the ocean of data. Which literally is how we get this done.
What could be interesting about the music creation process is that FAAF recorded the electromagnetic waves of some devices like the internet box, computer, and phone to make the melody of the music.
Choreography: Irina Angles and Match
VFX artist: Match
Sound artist: FAAF

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