- Awarded with AIME award "Technical Excellence in "Known AI Film Festival" 2022
- screening at “Cinéma Utopia of Avignon” 
(urban dance film program at the Festival d'Avignon, France 2021. 

How many universes and realities should we explore before finding the REAL US?_
The AI-generated video explored the connection between screen dance, AI visuals, and sound art.
The collaborative work is selectively edited using diffusion-based AI image generation methods. In this work, Al and dance collaborate to deliver our interpretation of the identification ideas.
The musical design hosts a diverse fabric of sound blended by an AI. The AI-generated endless melodic loops were rearranged in the room. Organic and synthetic elements coexist and create a hybrid between the acoustic and digital worlds.
One of the most exciting aspects of the ScreenDance work was the way of shooting. Dancers were choreographers, video makers, and directors themselves. The limitless resources led to a great experience. There was no editing or cutting. The idea of pure creation without “effects” gave a raw perspective to the viewer.  It reflects the interaction between the camera and dance movements. 
AI artist - Roope Rainisto 
Choreography, Screening - Irina Angles and Polya 
Sound + AI-generated sound -  FAAF

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