"Idle Hands" series encapsulates the deep-rooted interconnection between human creativity and the dexterity of hands, and its relevance in the age of Al. The dancing Hands are the visualization of the actual real human dancer's performance, transformed through CGI and Al. With a significant portion of the human brain dedicated to controlling hands, their inherent complexity can gracefully mirror the ebb and flow of an entire body dancing. As Hands follow their carefully choreographed path, there comes a moment when they break free and improvise, before returning to form. This departure represents artists' metaphorical journey into uncharted realms, leveraging Al to explore new creative territories while still retaining full creative control. We should not fear these Al-aided creative escapades. Rather than eroding our identity, they may enable us to delve into the depths of creativity previously unexplored, akin to how the personality of each of Hands is reflected not in the charted choreography, but in these fleeting moments of improvisation. 
The series consists of 12 videos, here I represent the Genesis work.
CGI, Al art, Al sound: @dr_formalyst 
Choreography: @irina_angles
 Curators: Alejandro Cartagena and Fellowship

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