In the collection of five artworks, dancing meets AI art.
Dance is a universal language that speaks directly with the soul. Digital art could bring up deep meanings behind this language.
Being an interdisciplinary artist, I am fascinated by different angles of reality, which can be highlighted by various art forms.
The connection with modern technologies shows the beauty of creativity between humans and machines.
The whole collection was made in collaboration with Finnish AI artist Roope Rainisto and French sound designer FAAF.
- Artwork "STORM" exhibited at Kunsthalle Hannover in the "Oil Blood Liberty" exhibition 


“Imagination is the most important thing, it is a reflection of what we attract into our lives.”
(c) Albert Einstein

It expresses the connection between human dance movements and AI.
Each viewer could find the reflection of his world in this work.


This collaborative work is about perpetual motion, the road through life, a journey in which all of us must find our path.

Each of our deeds, each action leaves behind a trail that endlessly continues to affect everything around us.
The recorded dance is provided as input to AI systems which reimagine and reinterpret the movements into new visuals.
AI art in this case serves as a conduit that reveals the In.Visible colors of our path.


As the waters of the ocean can`t be calm, we can't always be shiny and joyful, especially when emotions come from challenging circumstances. The movements were created with an impulse principle that feels like someone hits you, and your body reacts. AI shows its interpretation of how external impulses (we can say life circumstances) influence us. The work is not about dark feelings and states; it's about the right to let out the emotional state through dance, music, and AI art.


Humans and nature have always been continuously connected. The harmonious interweaving of each other allows the world to live, create new destinies, and exist in unity. With fast-growing urbanization, we started to separate in our minds these two elements.

Nature is an element we observe every day; at the same time, we know so little about it. We know so little about OURSELVES.
It's time to remember that we are tangled. We are THE ONE.
In work, we connected dance, AI art, and sound to emphasize the idea of UNITY.

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